Monday, August 1, 2011

Volunteering at Lanakila Pacific's Meals On Wheels. My Monday routine.

Randi from Lanakila Pacific.
Since late 2010, I have been volunteering a couple of hours of my Monday morning to help Lanakila Pacific deliver hot meal to seniors through their Meals on Wheels program.  While I contribute my time actually delivering the meals, I also am trying to help them meet new friends of mine that may be interested in also contributing in some way to the organization devoted to ending the hunger issue that many of Hawaii's seniors are dealing with.  

The route that I do is the "Nuuanu" route.  It currently consists of about 12-14 meals at about 6-8 different buildings.  I normally do the route with a 2nd helper, but the route is possible on my own.  It just is more fun when someone else is around to chat with and makes the route a lot quicker if you don't need to properly park your vehicle at each building.  I have had several people from my on-line social media community volunteer a few hours of their morning to join me on the route.  They are: Mark Tam, Edward Sugimoto, Linzy Muraoka, "Mel S.""Clay" and Sara Katahira.  I have had inquiries from several others, but their Monday work schedules have not been able to work out, yet.  All of these friends that have volunteered have managed to work out a few hours of their Monday morning to contribute to Meals on Wheels. Some even used their vacation day from their regular job to help out.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank those of my friends that have helped me and continue to help me on the Meals on Wheels route.  It's a few minutes to 9am and "Clay" is ready to drive me through the route.  If you're interested in riding along or how it is, send me (or any of them) a message.

I am posting about this today because Edward Sugimoto just posted a blog to AroundHawaii about volunteering with Lanakila Pacific.  Check it out below.

Lanakila Meals on Wheels - Feeding our Seniors, One Meal at a Time
By Edward Sugimoto
"When I think of senior citizens, I think of my dear obaachan in Japan. And although she lives on her own, she is never alone. Between her caretakers and her family and friends, she always has somebody to talk to and share a meal with..."  [Read full story] 
 **Note: AroundHawaii blog by Edward Sugimoto may not load if you are trying to view over a TMobile data connection.  For some reason AroundHawaii has blocked us TMobile customers!  Hint Hint Hint!!

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