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Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate MLS Hotsheet 12/30/11-1/3/2012 3p

Happy New Year!

Here is my first hotsheet post for the new year.

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On this hotsheet, you will see a few closings that I've been keeping an eye out for to see what they sell at.

Listed  by East Oahu Realty, Inc.
The first one is Sherman Park Place.  This is a small 2 bedroom house that I thought was a very nice home for those buyers with a condominium apartment type of budget, but would be more comfortable in a house.  Unfortunately, none of the people I had in mind really wanted this one so I just watched it to see what it sold for.  As I expected, it sold for the full asking price of $439,000

The second home that I have been watching is on Terrace Drive in Manoa.  This was listed for $940,000 and closed for $950,000 cash according to the records.  This house was listed by Prudential Advantage.

This was listed by Diane Ito (R) CBPP
The third home that I have been watching is on St Louis Drive.  It is the original house of a CPR'd lot at the corner of Robert Place.  You may have spotted the new construction house on the Robert Place side of the corner closed a couple of weeks ago for $800,000.  The original house has now closed for $700,000 cash.  My preference between the two homes was this original house on the St Louis Drive side of the corner.  If you saw these, which house was more your style?

The renovated unit that sold.
The last place that showed up as closed is a 2 bedroom condo unit in Hale Kaheka.  These 2 bedroom units don't come of the market that often because there are only 2 per floor.  This particular '05 unit was on a high floor and renovated, listed by Prudential Locations.  It closed quickly and just under the list price at $452,500.  There is another 2 bedroom on the market on a lower floor on the opposite '01 side and that unit, listed by Help-U-Sell, just adjusted their price down a bit to $434,000.

Click on the photos to see more details about those listings that I mentioned.

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