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Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate Hotsheet 10/10-10/11/12 - At last the vog has cleared...

Here is Thursday's hotsheet.

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I have an update on Saint Louis Heights activity today. The listing by Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties at 1708 Saint Louis Drive has recorded as sold. The list price was $524,000 and the recorded sales price is $485,000. This home was described as needing "major repair".
       Customer Short Page for 1708 St Louis Drive

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Thank goodness the trade winds have returned to Honolulu. If you aren't familiar with what trade winds do for the islands, you will understand once you spend a few days here during a period without the trade winds! It isn't pleasant. It becomes warm, muggy and often we have vog (volcanic emissions from the Big Island of Hawaii). See Wikipedia:

The past week seemed like the worse vog weather I have ever noticed. There were days when I could not even see the ocean. This photo below was taken a few days ago, just before sunset. The sun actually appears like it is setting in this photo, but it is really disappearing behind thick vog! The vog was so thick that I could look straight into the sun and it was not hard on my eyes at all.

Anyway, for the most part, we have wonderful weather here in Hawaii and this may seem like such a silly thing to complain about to many areas around the world. The bad thing about the vog is that it affects a lot of people that have sensitive breathing issues or allergic reactions so it is something to be aware of if you are visiting or living in Hawaii.

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