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Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate MLS Hotsheet 10/3-10/4/12 11a & tonight is The Good Table for Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels

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The Good Table 2011
Ola at Turtle Bay
Tonight is the night! 

What night you ask? The Good Table dinner night. You may recall last year I had dinner at Ola Restaurant for The Good Table dinner. That was an amazing evening with great friends. Tonight's dinner will be at Indigo Hawaii in downtown. This one night of dining out is Lanakila Pacific's annual fundraising event to "Turning one meal into many..." 

What is The Good Table?

The Good Table is an island-wide dining event to benefit Lanakila Meals on Wheels. On Thursday, October 4th at 6PM people will sit down to a special dinner where they will be treated like VIPs! 
Tables are purchased in advance and a unique dining experience is created by the chef and staff. Your participation turns one meal into many for Hawaii’s kupuna!

This will be the my third year participating in this unique dining event and I am very excited. The past years got me wondering how I could make the night a little more interesting, but I never really had the time to thoroughly think about what I wanted to do. I didn't really thoroughly think it through this year either, but really, it's actually been rolling around in my mind somewhere all year long so I'm going for it!

Tonight's The Good Table event is not only to raise funds for Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels, but it is also to raise awareness. Since I don't have a large amount of funds to work with, I thought I'd do something extra to assist with raising awareness of the event. I got a hold of a few rolls of quarters and I'm going to drop one quarter into a pot/cup/bucket/napkin or whatever is around on our table tonight for each of the following occurrences between 530p and 930p tonight:

  1.  I receive a notice that a Tweet sent from @RickNakama that contains the #TheGoodTable hashtag, @LanakilaPacific and a link to a photo that I took has been "ReTweeted".
  2. My Instagram (@RickNakama) will be the main host of my #TheGoodTable photos. For each "like" any Instagram that I post with #TheGoodTable hashtag gets. 
  3. Each Facebook "like" of #TheGoodTable Instagram photo.
  4. Each Facebook comment that mentions and tags both Lanakila Pacific and The Good Table in the comment on one of my #TheGoodTable Instagram photos.
At 930p tonight, each quarter that makes it into the pot will be donated to Lanakila Pacific. If I run out of quarters, I will tweet out that I have donated all my quarters and my bonus fund is maxed out. The results will be based according to my personal semi real time accounting of those events that I said I will track. Seems like fun and I'm curious to see what kind of activity this will raise. If not much difference, oh well... if it's a lot, I may be broke by 930p tonight! Hahahaha!

If all this social media stuff is not what you are into, but you feel like contributing to Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels, just make an online donation here:

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