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Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate MLS Hotsheet 10/4-10/5/12 9a & Aloha Friday Weekend update

Here is the Aloha Friday hotsheet.

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It's Aloha Friday!

Demystifying Common Prelim Terms - Oct. TGIFF

This is the topic of today's Title Guaranty Friday Newsletter. It has a great glossary to assist you in understanding many of the confusing terms that are found throughout a Preliminary Title Report.

Read the newsletter here: Title Guaranty TGIFF

Roasted Rougie Duck Confit
My photo in the Lanakila Pacific
The Good Table contest.
"Like" it here to vote for me. :) 
I am happy to announce that my attempt to make a little contribution to the awareness of Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels & The Good Table dinner event last night exhausted my quarter supply! My blog post yesterday explained what I had planned to do [post]. Briefly, I committed to dropping a quarter into a pot that was to be donated to Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels for every "like" of a photo posted in relation to last night's The Good Table dinner event. Straight to the point, I budgeted $50 in quarters and I ran out during the time frame (530p-930p) that I said I would be keeping track of the likes. Luckily, other members of Indigo Hawaii's The Good Table stepped in to fulfill the few likes that I had run out of quarters to cover and then dropped in even more money... paper money! Thank goodness because if they all used quarters, that would have been a heavy load to carry back to my car!

A $137.50 donation from our
The Good Table
to Lanakila Pacific Meals on Wheels
The break down... 

The likes and retweets, etc. during the event generated totaled $62.50. @WorldWideEd a.k.a. @VH07V (that's a zero in the middle) chose to match my $62.50! @JarOfClay73, @BelzHere & Bari also contributed to cover and exceed the 25 cents per like challenge. The total that ended up with in the donation pot is $137.50!

Support Hawaiian Humane Society's PetWalk at Magic Island 
On top of the $137.50 that we gathered for Lanakila Pacific, I also received a $20 contribution from @BelzHere toward Lola Red Bourbon's donations to the Hawaiian Human Society's PetWalk at Magic Island on Sunday!

Will you be at the PetWalk this Sunday? We hope to see you there!
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